The process definition is based on the IDM standard of buildingSMART International as well as EN ISO 29481-1:2017 - 

Building information models – Information delivery manual

Part 1: Methodology and format

The IDM standard (Information Delivery Manual) defines how information is communicated between different participants. The standard is used for process documentation and information exchange.

For the development of process diagrams, ISO 29481-1 recommends (but does not prescribe) the use of 22 elements of the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)

All symbols are listed and explained here in detail:

BPMN process elements

BPMN is built on three main elements:

  • A collection of activities which are related, executed by humans and/or machines.
  • An independent trigger (start), which triggers a reaction (collection of activities)
  • Well defined results or goals, that need to be reached by these activities.

All process elements have to be identifiable within the process definition. This works via numbering

  • Each lane is numbered continuously (1.1, 1.2, 1.n / 2.1, 2.2, 2.n, / etc.)

Swimlanes - Pools and Lanes

The pools and lanes are displayed in a so-called swim lane. They represent the responsibilities in a business process and allow you to assign activities to organizational units, persons or systems.

Pools = Unit of clearly separated organisations or companies (process participants)

Use in UCM

  • The pool corresponds to the Use Case including the stage (e.g. model coordination / stage xy)
  • It can also be the name of a sub-process, including the stage, described in the process map.

Lanes = Representation of departments, roles or persons.

Use in UCM

  • The lane corresponds to the discipline or the cluster of a discipline (e.g. BIM-Management)


  • You usually shouldn’t select more than four disciplines for the process modeling. More disciplines are possible, but the more disciplines the more increases the complexity of a process. Therefore it is better to cluster disciplines with similar activities for a simplified presentation.

Example of a BPMN-process with multiple lanes and process elements