bSI Use Case Management

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Quick Guide for Project Leaders

 Aim and Scope

The quick guide shall give project leaders step by step introduction how a project is organized, and which measures are necessary to start, develop and publish a project


  • USER - participant of the project team 
  • PL - project leader 
  • ADMIN - Administrator of the organization, I which the project is executed (local administration) 
  • UCM PMO - Use Case Management Project Management Office (global administration) 

 Project Set-up 

The UCM service enables the different organizations of buildingSMART International and external companies to manage own tenants 

A new project starts with a request from the project leader to the responsible UCM administrator. Based on the focus of your project, contact one of the following administrators 


bSI Rooms / bSI Projects / bSI activity teams 

  • All buildingSMART International activities are managed by the Management Office of buildingSMART International (bSI MO) 

buildingSMART Chapters 

  • Various chapters of buildingSMART offer their members the opportunity to develop their projects under the leadership of the bS Chapter 
  • If there is no active chapter, please contact the UCM Project Management Office (UCM PMO) 


Companies, associations and institutions 

  • Companies, associations and institutions can acquire a UCM tenant. 
  • International  companies contact the buildingSMART International Management Office (bSI MO). 
  • National companies contact an active chapter directly. If no chapter exists, contact the UCM Project Management Office (UCM PMO). 

The project leader and the administrator define the terms & conditions and the  framework for the project. 

The administrator sets up the necessary project structures in the Co-Creation Space and gives the project leader the access to his project 


Team member registration

  • To gain access to the Co-Creation Space, a user must register on the UCM website.
  • The project manager ensures that all team members are registered.


  • A project is always assigned to a tenant (organization) and can only be edited in this tenant.
  • If a participant is registered under another organization, such as another chapter, the user must be assigned to the additional organization. To do this, contact the UCM PMO and specify which person should be assigned to which organization

 Set-up creation space

The project manager (or the administrator) add one or more new documents


To create a document, the following information is required:


  • English and additional local languages

Lifecycle stages

  • e.g. ISO22263 and/or local life cycle phases

Discipline selection

  • e.g. ISO 19650-1:2018 / OmniClass Table 33



After selecting the lifecycle stages and disciplines, the structure of the document is created automatically. Therefore, after the first saving a change is no longer possible. If the lifecycle stages or disciplines have been selected incorrectly, the document must be created again. 

The project manager informs the administrator about the participants of the project group. The following information is required:


  • Last name, first name, e-mail


  • Project leader (write rights, can edit comments)
  • Team member (read rights / can comment)

The administrator assigns the access rights for all documents

The administrator informs the project leader that now all participants of the project group have access and the project can be started.


The user can access the document by the EDIT button. If EDIT is not visible, access rights have not been assigned. Contact the administrator for support

Project execution &  publication 

The project manager develops his project according to the given structures

Upon project completion, the project manager will inform the administrator. The administrator carries out a formal quality check. The project manager is responsible for the technical content. In addition, the tags are defined under which the document can be filtered on the UCM website.

The document is published by the administrator and is available on the UCM website.


Interim project results can also be published. The same procedure as mentioned above applies.