Login Collaboration Platform (Backend)

Login UCM Collaboration Platform

In the UCM collaboration platform (backend) the project teams can develop the use cases. 
Select the Backend tab in the drop-down menu on the UCM website 

Select your organization

The collaboration platform has different clients. Use cases can only be processed in the correct client. 
To do this, select the correct organizational unit

UCM Library

Each tenant has its own library
The content of the two-tier structure underneath is depending on the respective organzation  
To get to the use cases, select the respective library entry

Edit Use Case

Each Use Case is assigned to a specific project group. 
If you are part of the corresponding project group, you can edit the Use Case. 
All other users of the UCM collaboration platform can view a use case use case via pdf-download

Important notice

  • If you are not able to edit your Use Case (check box EDIT not visible) you might be in the wrong organizational unit.
  • You have to change to the organizational unit in which your Use Case is assigned

Changing the organizational unit

To change the organizational unit, click on the current organization in the selection field on the upper right side
A dropdown menu will open where you can select the new organization
Now you should be able to edit your Use Case. If this is still not possible, contact the UCM PMO