Registration Website

UCM Website

Open the website


You can find the login symbol on the top right where you can sign in or create a new account.

Click on «Sign up» to create a new account and fill in the form that pops up:

Most important information:

  • Last name, first name
  • Mailing adress
  • language
  • Chapter
  • Password

As soon as you send your registration you will receive a confirmation mail (also check your spam). Click the link in the mail and confirm your new UCM-account. 

Important notice

  • For verification of toyu e-mail you will receive an automatically generated mail
  • Without the confirmation of your e-mail your access is not yet activated
  • It may happen that the verifcation mail is in the Spam folder. Please check this folder if you didn't receive a verification mail


  • To get access, open the login page and enter your e-mail address and password
  • After login you are back on the start page, but this time you are logged in (check the upper right corner / instead of an arrow a round symbol will be displayed)
  • You now have access to all use cases and can also for the comment function